Why Rheem?

When I first started in the business as a very young man, I used to think about what I would do when I had my own shop. As I did repairs and installations I studied the designs carefully, looking at the ways certain manufacturers built in quality and long life, the way others cut corners. After years in the field I finally made up my mind... "When I'm the boss I want to be a Rheem Dealer". Now I proudly carry a full line of Rheem Products, and my subsequent years of experience have not damped my enthusiasm for the company or the brand. Whenever I've run into a particularly tough problem that required tech support, they've always been just a phone call away. Their determination to see a problem through tells me that they're willing to fuss over the thousands of little details that make a good product into a great product. Quality, efficiency, long life, consistancy, reliability. They're all there. To me that's a good thing. Making our customers happy means we all get to feed our kids.

While Rheem manufacturers dozens of products, I have carefully selected a few lines that work particularly well in Northern Illinois. I've also put together packages in three levels... which I typically call Bronze, Silver, and Gold. If you're in the market for a new system, I'll be happy to assemble a package to meet your needs and explain it to you when I see you. Estimates are free.

Quality - Top Rated by Thousands of Satisfied Owners
If you look through the consumer guides and review sites, chances are you'll find Rheem at the top of almost every heating and cooling recommendation list. Rheem Water Heaters have been legendary for decades, and are installed in tough commercial environments all over the world.

Efficiency - Achieved by Incorporating Cutting-Edge Technologies
Rheem technologies like their dual stage scroll compressors, 2 stage burners, variable speed fans, and totally integrated digital system controls allow them to stay at the cutting edge of efficiency and reliability without going off the scale on price.

Reliability Backed by Industry-Leading Warranties
Rheem 's exceptional engineering and quality control are backed by some of the most generous wararranties, some units up to 10 year's on parts, with limited lifetime on the most critical parts like the heat exchangers. They're so confident in their ability to to deliver quality that they've literally bet the company on it.

World-Class Customer Support
Part of the reason that I can offer my clients great support is that I get such great support from Rheem. They are always there to provide me with technical assistance and application support, which means that I can get a quick resolution to your problem, even if I have to open up a warehouse on a holiday for a part.