The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio is a measure of the cooling efficiency of your air conditioner or heat pump. The higher the SEER number the better the system is at converting electricity into cooling your home.

AFUE or Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency - AFUE tells you how efficiently a furnace converts fuel (gas or oil) into heat. An AFUE of 80% means that 80% of the fuel is used to heat your home while 20% is wasted. AFUE is limited in that it only refers to the unit's fuel usage and not its electrical consumption.

About Our Products

While Rheem makes dozens of great products, I've whittled down the list a little and chosen a small set of furnaces and air conditioners that seem to work particularly well in our tough climate. While I'll be happy to sell you anything in the Rheem catalog, I think you'll be particularly happy with one of my favorites. They're all tough and reliable, and they're particularly good at saving energy. I also sell a few very select lines of accessories like humidifiers and air filtration systems that work beautifully with Rheem core systems.

How much Air Conditioning/Heat do I need?

I have to take a lot of factors into consideration in order to calculate the amount of heating and cooling you'll need to be comfortable all year round, which is why I can't give you a quote over the phone.

We're working on a link to an application called Designstar. It will allow you to get a rough idea of how much heating or air you'll need. Look for it in a few weeks.